The ULTIMATE Cycling Core Strength & Conditioning Program
“The original cycling-specific core training and strength conditioning program that started a revolution. Developed to help the avid cyclist build and maintain their core strength, leg strength, endurance, and flexibility all-in-one convenient, time-effective program. Use it anywhere and anytime to build and maintain your fitness. In-season or off-season, this program has the goods! If you want to improve your all-around cycling fitness and get in great shape for riding FAST…Cyclo-CORE is the program that will get you there!

Features & Benefits (1DVD & 3CDs)

  • 6 Time-Effective, Cycling-Specific, Functional Strength & Core Conditioning Workouts You Can Use to BUILD Your Fitness and Core Strength FAST! (All Workouts on 1 Easy to Use DVD.)
  • Full Body Post-Ride/Workout Recovery & Flexibility Workout to Help You Recover Faster So You Can Ride Harder for Longer! Build Your Flexibility and Supercharge Your Recovery in No Time!
  • BONUS: 12 Keys to Practical Nutrition for Improved Performance (2CD Set). A Practical Way to Help You Get Your Nutrition in Line With Your Cycling Goals. Everything You Need to Know to Stay Trim and Healthy for Cycling.
  • BONUS: The Cyclo-CORE Abdominal Blaster to Help You Build a Rock Hard Midsection of Cycling Performance & BONUS Interview with Fred Matheney from! (on Audio CD)

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